Szechuan, Hunan, and Cantonese Cuisine

About Us

Mr. Chan cooks a stir fry Chan's Bend Restaurant in 1988 Outside Chan's Chinese Restaurant The new exterior at Chan's

Chan's Chinese Restaurant in Bend, Oregon

At Bend Chan's, our patrons enjoy the finest Beijing, Szechuan, Hunan, Mongolian, Shanghai, and Cantonese cuisine with warm, welcoming hospitality. We offer a variety of affordable, delicious dishes with generous portions.

Based on a palette of warm, high desert colors and textures, our modern eco-friendly interior creates a comfortable, elegant, and intimate atmosphere which contributes to the overall dining experience.

Only the freshest ingredients are used in the making of our food, and we do not add MSG to our dishes.

Chan's History


Chan's Chinese Restaurant first opened in May of 1986 in the same location it is today. It shared a building with the China Ranch Lounge. It was truly a family-owned restaurant, with the only employees being Lap Chan himself, his wife, his parents, his brother, and his two sisters. The restaurant was small, with only enough seating for around 60 customers.


In 1990, Chan's expanded to include the entire building, allowing enough seating for close to 150 customers. The number of employees has grown over the years as well, to include many family members and other members of the Bend community.


More than two decades later, after a catastrophic fire and extensive remodeling, Chan's now boasts a more modern and comfortable atmosphere.

Most importantly, even after 25 years, Chan’s main philosophy remains the same: to provide patrons with delicious food in generous portions at affordable prices—made with only the freshest, quality ingredients.